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With this service style, you don't have to worry about anybody going home hungry, and unlike a plated meal, your guests don't have to swap and change meals between themselves they can select whatever they desire! Also, since buffets encourage guests to be mobile and walk around, they will have ample opportunities to mingle with each other.


This style of service offers an air of unparallelled sophistication. Being waited on can be less stressful for your guests than other service styles, and being waited on is always a treat! You can select 2 meals to be served alternate to your guests, with any special dietary requirements catered their own special meals. 


Dubbed cocktail receptions, this menu doesn’t serve up the clichéd party pies and sausage rolls, but offer guests a myriad of delicious canapes, hors d’oeuvres, and antipasti treats to nibble on. It’s the perfect solution for a fun relaxed atmosphere, a cocktail style reception means guests can eat at their own pace, as they feel like it.

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